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Ready for Back to School?

If your summer has been busy like ours has, you may have forgotten something.  Is it possible that you forgot to add to the safety surfacing on the school’s playground?  If so, you’re not alone.  Call us know and we can get the material delivered to you school before the first bell rings.  Call us now at 866.414.3625.

Pascagoula Makes the 09 Miracle Cover

To those from Jackson County, IG Levy is no stranger to the weekend “home stayers” who visit the awesome park on Chicot Street.  But if you are anywhere outside the area, Pascagoula has what I consider the Six Flags of Recreational Parks.  IG Levy Park has seen a huge deal of construction in the last 4 years.  After Hurricane Katrina, the park has been wiped clean and rebuilt to accommodate the families that live in that area.  But what’s really awesome about this park it how many different types of kids the park attracts.  The playground itself offers an exciting day of discovery and challenge.  Other site offerings within the 60-acre park include: skate park, fishing lake, ball fields, tennis courts, walking/ jogging trail, and picnic area.


Recently, IG Levy Park was selected for the Miracle Recreation 09 catalog cover.  Miracle Recreation Playground Company covers an international market where everyone has oogled the parks beauty globally.

Skate Park Ribbon Cutting

Clearing the 4 Sets
Clearing the 4 Sets

City of Pascagoula open their new concrete skate park last quarter.  The new skate park is the newest addition at the awesome complex at IG Levy park on Chicot Street.   Skaters of all ages and talents hit the park 7 days a week for a session hoping to show off their stuff.  With a free place to hang out, skaters are less likely to use the city’s site amenities to practice their tricks.

The parks offers 5 sets (slang for steps),  curbs, rails and pyramids.