A Winter Day In The Park

If you live in the South, You can go out and play anytime of the year.   We Just need a little sunshine and something cool to inspire us, Something like a Miracle Playground.  This video highlights some of our new items for 2015.   Check it out…

New Orleans, LA (Jan 2015)

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Don’t Let the Cold Weather Keep you in…

Jefcoat Recreation now offers beautiful fitness pieces that not only encourages creative and motivating exercise programs but are easy to use with Instructional Videos at each Station. To view the instructional videos, you simply target the QR codes on the information panels with your smartphone. It’s easy and convenient, like having a personal trainer at your side! What do you think?

Let’s Talk Shade.

Jefcoat Recreation and Construction has great shade options for every budget.  Tell us what you’re looking for and we can personalize your shade project.  Call us at 866.414.3625