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Designing a Playground is Kid’s Play

Each project is different in it’s own way but the first question is always the same.  “Where do we start?”  Most of time, this question is loaded with more than one wants to hear.  But, lets take this one step at a time, here are a few notes to get you started.

Ask The Kids   I know as adults we tend to make all the decisions for the kids. As parents it is our duty to keep those little guys safe.  But let’s say for argument sake that you did your homework and picked a commercial playground team like Miracle Recreation and it’s amazing sales/ design team.

You know that Miracle products Offer:

  1. Gator Grip pattern on hand rails for little hands to hold on to
  2. Miracle Tech Security for little bodies to feel safe while at play
  3. Versalok clamps for little playground to grow
  4. Industry’s best warranty so future little guys can play

Your a bit over whelmed by the choices and colors.  Not sure how you are going to pull this together so the little guys think your the coolest parent on earth.  Don’t stress over the details, ask the kids what they want on the playground.  Share the catalog with them- you may be surprised with what they choice and why.

Take a Poll  When you have an entire school involved in deciding the playground, I find that offering the kids an A or B choice is sometimes helpful.  A voting box can be stationed under each poster of the playground for the kids to vote on which playground design to pick.  This method really gets a buzz going.

Once you have a decision on design, lets get going on the fundraising.

Fund Raising Kid Style

In the playground industry, we always look for ways to stimulate the kids and engage them in making their playground a reality.  What that means is, GET THEM OUTSIDE.  Kids are the best fundraisers just because their family loves them.  But don’t overload them with products, make them actually work or run for it.  One of my favorite fundraisers is a 5K that the kids do.  It doesn’t take a lot of time and once all the pledges are in, the kids come out for a Saturday to walk/Run the 5K.  This fundraiser promotes a healthy lifestyle and school spirit on the day of the run.

Ocean Springs, MS

Now we have our design and our funding, let’s build a MIRACLE PLAYGROUND!

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Tuff Coat surfacing revives Splash Pad

 Paul B Johnson State Park in Hattiesburg, Mississippi has just received the latest in slip resistant surfacing for their incredible splash pad.  The new BLUE COATING actually has rubber pellets in the coating to give park visitors the ultimate experience of cushion surfaced and grip.

To learn more about this incredible coating, contact the team at Jefcoat Recreation and Construction for your free estimate.  866.414.3625

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