Fitness Equip


A simple plan with universal benefits

We all know someone struggling with weight issues or learning to cope with a weight-related illness like diabetes or heart problems. We are convinced that the struggle must stop.  That can only happen if we, as a society, are comfortable with the equipment to make it better.  Moving should not be a fight, but if it is, We are committed to fight with you.

TREKFIT’s mission is to promote healthier lifestyles through regular physical activity by offering accessible, safe and comprehensive training circuits.

Hoping to help the most people live an active and fruitful life, we have decided to offer a alternative to conventional gyms. Designed by TREKFIT’s team of experts in kinesiology, TREKFIT’s outdoor training circuits are always open to everybody and totally user friendly. The functional training programs are based on the latest breakthroughs in training science. The way they simplify total body workouts with minimal use of equipment is truly revolutionary.

Accessibility, simplicity and safety, these are the three priorities that guided our every decision during the conception of TREKFIT’s fitness equipment and exercise programs. All you have to do is find them in a park nearby and join the Trekfit revolution for a better life.